About Us

PoultryHelp.com has been an invaluable resource to farmers since 2003. The site was originally built by the Rocking T Ranch and Poultry Farm. The original owner wrote the following:

I have been raising chickens on and off since 1971.  In 1997, Justine and I decided to get serious in the poultry business so that we'd have a continued source of income after I retire from Sprint.  We first raised a flock of Barred Plymouth Rock laying hens and sold eating eggs to those driving by our farm.  We found out in a hurry that selling eating eggs for $1 a dozen wasn't even paying the feed bill, so we started looking for and purchasing show quality bantams and rare standard breeds.  Once you get chickens in your blood, you just can't get enough.   We bought some hatching eggs and a cabinet incubator and before you know it we were NPIP Certified as a Poultry hatchery.  We were at first hesitant about gamebirds, but got a permit from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and hatched 140 quail eggs and we were hooked again!!  We even added a few pheasants, peafowl, waterfowl...  We also recently started raising guinea fowl and are planning to expand our guinea varieties soon.   Once all our pens and cages were full in the old barn, we had to build a new one (30 ft x 112 ft)!!  The old 14 ft x 50 ft barn that I built in 1971 for quarter horses in now quite full of birds and we just completely filled the new barn in August, 2000.  That's a LOT of feathered kids!!  We gotta stop... Gotta Stop...  GOTTA STOP...   We completed the eight 10ft x 10ft pens along the east wall in the new barn in the fall of 1999, and in August, 2000 finished the pens on the other side including folding roosts and nestboxes. All this construction has been documented in photos and text here on the website (see "Tour the Farm" on the home page or use the links at the top or bottom of most other pages).  Maybe it'll give you some ideas for your own facilities.  We are also planning to build 10ft x 24ft enclosed, covered runs on the outside of each pen.  LOTS of work!

Since the ranch closed in 2008, the site has remained online as a resource for poultry farmers. No advertising is present on the site and the information is all provided freely.